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2010 AWA Whitetail Deer Hunting Competition


This is surely a deer hunting competition that doesn't kill Bambi. Top hunters from around the world congregate to stalk and hunt down white tail deer. However, the only shooting taking place is through the digital camera in the high tech scope mounted on the contestants rifle. As the hunter catches the whitetail deer in the cross hairs and fires, a recording is made at that point in time to show when the shell was shot. This will later be used to judge the skill of the hunter by viewing the timing involved, safety procedures followed, quality of chosen whitetail deer, and where the cross hairs were placed for an accurate kill shot at the time the trigger was pulled.

The main difference from an actual hunt is the blank shells placed in the gun to fire the shot. This gives an accurate portrayal of the sound projected to spark the deer in a run for its life. The American Whitetail Authority is completing its 4th qualifying hunt this week in Texas, with 3 former hunts taking place in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Georgia. The top 3 hunters from each event will be heading to Natchez, Mississippi for the 2010 World Championship. Sure no one will bringing home a deer, but the only thing virtual about this hunt is the bullet.